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The Magic Wand

This image or idea brings 2 things up for me.

The first is that it often seems we are looking for a quick fix. So much of our society revolves around getting things quickly. We have TV on demand, we can food delivered to us within minutes and the internet right at our fingertips. I have seen experiences with this when it comes to our mental health. Some people have experienced a ‘quick’ solution from their doctors in the form of medication. I’m not saying that medication does not have it place, it certainly does. There are some circumstances where it is critical. Personally, I feel that it needs to go hand in hand with other therapies, those that can help the individual understand the root cause of their issue and work through it.

Our fast society can also translate to the therapy room. Some people believe that coming to therapy means a quick fix, that we can tell them what is ‘wrong’ (And the belief that you need to be fixed or that there is something wrong with you, is another topic on its own) and then give them something to do that will fix them. This is not always going to be the case. Yes there are some therapies that are more directive, and some that will give you activities to do, it just does not necessarily translate to an overnight ‘cure’. Sometimes, working through something can take some time. It can be painful initially, bringing up old memories/experiences, so taking it slow can help. If you’re working through something, do not put pressure on yourself to resolve it quickly or immediately. It’s ok to take your time, however long that might be.

The magic wand in therapy can be a good tool to help you identify what it is you’re looking to achieve. I sometimes ask a client “If I had a magic wand, what would you want to change/fix? What would you be like?” Getting someone to look at who they want to be can sometimes be the catalyst to understanding what needs changing. This can be anything from getting rid of issues bringing you down, to changing your boundaries or old belief systems. It can anything you want it to be.

What would you change if you had a magic wand?

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